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Youkou-Lili :
A plain sail and oar boat

Youkou-lili, voile au tiers amurée en abord

Inspired by the "Swampscott Dory" and the norvegian "Faering", this elegant flat bottom boat is built in 9 mm plywood clinker on lamellated ribs.
Designed and built by the architect for his personal use, the Youkou-lili is a sail and oar boat by excellence, performant in her two propulsion modes. She exists in 4 different rig versions. Lug rig, tacked to windward side, is the most performant but not easy to manipulate while cruising single-handed. In the sloop version (with 2 mast positions), you can choose to navigate with just the principal sail.

Price list (inclusive VAT) ex Le Mesnil au Val (50) France

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Version Price
simple third or tacked close to the side 15300 €
lug sloop or sprit riglivarde 15800 €

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