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Pen-Hir sous voiles

Designed by the architect François Vivier for himself, this boat is the result of a long refletion and a great knowledge about traditional boats. The first Pen-Hir was lauched in July 2009 in Cherbourg.
On the visitors docks of port Chantereyne, french ad foreign sailors used to stop to admire this beautiful boat. With a 7.5 meters long hull, a small bowsprit this gaff-rigged sloop has an elegant silhouette. All her spars are varnished oregon pine (hollow mast), coamings and rubbing strake are in solid oak
Inside, 4 people can live in a clear decoration with nice solid wood siding. Because it would be a shame not to use her in winter, the Pen-Hir can be equiped with an heater!
Innovation and sustainable development
Beneath her classic appearence, Pen-Hir is a concentrate of innovations. The modern wood construction promotes ICARAI and Fraçois Vivier experience, using digital cutting and modern material. The hull costruction, with plywood uses a new method avoidin chine.
For sustainable development issues, the choice was made to not use exotic wood. The hight quality plywood is made from birch and its utilisatio will be validated through a prototype and a program prepared with OSEO- Innovation agency in Basse Normandie. For the same reasons, the prototype propulsion is provided by an electrical out board engine, installed in a well. It can be removed when sailing to improve performance. Autonomie is adequate for coastal cruising. Batteries can be recharged at the dock or with a windmill, enough for a week end cruise.
Nautical qualities validated during the inaugurl cruise
Pen-Hir showed her nautical qualities during her first cruise between Cherbourg and south Brittany. Fast and easy to sail the boat satisfyed the crew. Pen-Hir also demonstrated her ability to beach.
For more distant cruise she an be transported on a trailer.
The Pen-Hir received the audience award at the "Village Bois" at the Grand pavois 2009 at La Rochelle boat show..

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Vendu avec 3 voiles, drisses et écoute GV dyneema, accastillage Harken, nombreuses pièces en bronze (frettes, vit de mulet, barre d'écoute, cadènes...), mât creux, support de bome, 1 batterie 100A, 2 prises allume-cigare, 2 points lumineux, réservoir d'eau, évier, extracteur solaire, jeu de matelas complet, table à carte, table de carré, carène prête pour antifouling, 3 couleurs (coque, pont, intérieur), gaffe bronze, puits pour moteur HB, mise à l'eau à Le Mesnil au Val.

Prix de base 98000 €

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