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Koulmig :
Pretty, cool and easy

Koulmig in Morbihan gulf

Koulmig is the first motor boat in our line. François Vivier has brought his own peculiar touch and one can say that Koulmig is a novelty on the motor boat market. Instead of ever bigger engines F. Vivier has designed hullforms that can achieve good speed with 10 tà 30 HP engines and an appealing classic look.
Cockpit is wide and well protected and Koulmig's motion is pleasant. On foredeck anchor locker is also a pleasant seat for crew. The cabin has everything 2 persons need for a few days cruise.

Prices (inclusive VAT) ex Le Mesnil au Val(50) Franc

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Version Price
Cabin version completed without engine 26800 €
Runabout version completed without engine 24000 €

Cabin version includes a table, 1 battery with 2 lights and a socket, a sink and heads.
Price for all matresses is 950 €.

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