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Ilur :
The star of the sail and oar boats


The ILUR 14'8" (4m46) is a listed product among the sail and oar boats with almost a 1000 building-plans sold ! Inspite her being load-bearing and seaworthy as a family sailboat or fishing boat, she is nevertheless easy to trail, launch and recover. Built in plywood clinker, she exists in 2 rig versions : lug rig or sloop, with a boomed lug rig mainsail and a jib on a small bowsprit. As for the ABER and Clinker EBIHEN, the small width of the clinkers (10 on each side) - although this means a much longer building process - contributes to the harmony and neatness of her forms.
Here are a few pics of the first clinker built Ilur we made in 2006.

Prices (inclusive VAT) ex Le Mesnil au Val (50) France

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Building lug rig sloop
clinker plywood 15950 € 17600 €

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