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Ebihen 15 :
A boat to live with ?..

Ebihen Clinker sailing

Very steady with her hullforms deriving from the traditional English Channel boats and her metallic centreboard, the EBIHEN 14'9" (4m50) has a quite pleasant program to offer as a boat to go for a stroll or fishing.
Doted with a well for outboard motor in front of the rudder, she manages to combine tradition and today's practices... and, what is more, she is running well !
Clinker built or strip planked, she can receive 4 different types of rigs. Should this not be sufficient, versions are available with Bermudian rig or only motor.
This Ebihen is also available as a 16 feet boat with water ballast.
We presently have an Ebihen 15 for sale in Cherbourg.

Prices (inclusive VAT) ex Le Mesnil au Val(50) France

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Prices clinker strip-planked
lug rig 18100 € 18800 €
sloop 18900 € 19600 €
"Bourcet-malet" 20350 € 21050 €
gaff cutter 20150 € 20850 €

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