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Ebihen 18 :
More than beautiful !

Ebihen 18 in Port Blanc (North Britanny)

When the well known Ebihen 15 gets 3 feets longer, she becomes Ebihen 18... A boat that catches the eyes of anybody as a stunning beauty. But please don't stop at the first sight as she has more to offer : she sails well, with easy motion. She is spatious stable and trailerable thanks to the water ballast.

Prices (inclusive VAT) ex Le Mesnil au Val(50) France

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Prices 28400 €
colored sails (cream or tan) 190 €
colored sails in "clipper canvas" cloth (cotton feeling dacron) 1050 €
deck in oregon fir strips 3300 €
small jib white/colored/clipper canvas 310/360/430 €

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